Ways to Use the Center

There are many different ways to use the Center, so it is important for you to begin with an initial consultation and assessment. We will assess the state of your condition and recommend which type of accelerated psychotherapy would best meet your goals, as well as whether combining your psychotherapy with neuroscientific techniques would enhance your treatment.

  • If you would only like to target a specific symptom that is diminishing your enjoyment of life, such as sleeplessness or performance anxiety, our specialists will help you choose a neuroscientific technique that will best help your condition. If you want to sharpen your concentration for a particular performance or presentation, our specialists will help you determine a technique that best suits your needs. Many people have accomplished these goals in as little as one or two visits to the Center.
  • If you are dealing with a difficult life transition, such as divorce or separation, death of a loved one, employment loss, or career shifts, we will collaborate with you on a treatment program that will help fortify you during the transition and revitalize you to prepare for the next phase of your life.
  • If you want to enter meditative states more quickly or achieve deeper meditative states, we can design a program to help you shift and access different brain states during meditation.
  • If your suffer from a chronic condition, such as generalized anxiety or major depression, you may prefer to treat it more ambitiously with a combination of neuroscientific techniques, or possibly one of the accelerated psychological psychotherapies. During your initial visit, we will work with you in designing the best combinations of treatments for your program.
  • If your goals are more extensive and you would like to target the underlying psychological source of your condition so as to reduce your chances of relapse, you may want to choose a more comprehensive treatment program. Such a program would typically combine accelerated psychotherapy with cutting-edge neuroscientific techniques.
We encourage you to contact us to make an initial appointment and see how the Center can help you improve your sense of well being and accomplish your goals.

Orli Peter, Ph.D., BCIA-EEG
Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Specialties
Director and Founder, Center for Accelerated Psychology
Licensed Psychologist