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Brain Music Therapy is a scientifically supported treatment that transcribes your own unique brain waves and translates them into unique musical compositions. By listening to these compositions, you can efficiently move your brain into relaxed or alert states.

Brain Music is an effective treatment for stress, insomnia, anxiety, trauma, depression, and attentional problems. It has also been found to increase productivity and concentration, helping to enhance performance for athletes as well as business people and students. Brain Music Therapy may also accelerate the effects of other psychological treatments, by putting the brain into a more receptive state.

People sometimes ask, "Can't I just listen to any kind of music, including another person's brain music, and get the same results?" The answer is "No." Research has shown that listening to your own brain music is more effective and efficient. The reason is that every person's brain produces its own unique "music" and responds most readily to these familiar rhythms. This is analogous to the difference between responding to your mother's voice and a stranger's voice. Your brain music is uniquely yours and your brain recognizes it as such.

Brain Music Therapy has been used by over 10,000 people in Europe and Canada since 1993. Dr. Galina Mindlin, of New York City, introduced it to the United States. Dr. Peter was the first West Coast provider of Brain Music Therapy and is currently the only provider in Southern California. Brain Music Therapy has been featured on many television news programs, such as The Today Show.

Who Can Benefit From Brain Music Therapy?

You can benefit from Brain Music Therapy if you are experiencing:

  • Sleep difficulties or sleep disorders, such as insomnia
  • Daily stress or a sudden increase in stress due to work or personal situations
  • Anxiety, panic disorder, or social phobia
  • Traumatic reactions or posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Depression, mild or moderate
  • Attentional problems, including Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Migraine and tension headaches
  • Substance abuse and/or dependence, including withdrawal difficulties
  • Problems with productivity or performance.

What is the Procedure?

Brain music therapy enables individuals to record their own brain rhythms in a painless and non-invasive procedure. The procedure is done comfortably in the office of the Center for Accelerated Psychotherapy in Beverly Hills. The procedure has six steps:

  1. You will complete a brief psychological evaluation.
  2. You will fill out two short questionnaires: the Beck Depression Inventory and the Subjective Sleep Scale.
  3. Your brain wave patterns will be recorded using EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment. For best results, you will need to keep still and relax. Some patients find it helpful to precede the recording with a brief neurofeedback treatment or heart training to help them relax completely (billed as a separate procedure).
  4. Your recordings are sent to the offices of Dr. Galina Mindlin in New York where the brain wave patterns are processed through algorithms and converted into music. Two types of waves are extracted: relaxing and activating. Separate recordings will be made for each of these two types.
  5. In approximately 3 -4 weeks, you will receive your personal brain music CD by mail together with a treatment plan. The music should be listened to on a headset so that you get the benefits of bilateral stimulation to the brain. You should feel free to transfer the brain music from your cd to your mp3 player.
  6. After using the CD for several weeks, you will schedule a brief follow-up meeting with Dr. Peter to make any needed adjustments to your treatment. For out of town patients, the follow-up may be conducted by phone.

Advantages of Brain Music Therapy

Brain Music Therapy is easy, convenient and cost efficient. Because you have a CD on hand you can use it as often as needed to treat yourself, which is much more convenient and less costly than repeated office visits. You may also save money on medication, since many Brain Music patients, with their doctor's approval, have reduced or discontinued medications.

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